We used our expertise to help a community interest company based in the UK to grow their social media following to over 30,000 engaged fans and drove website visitor’s to over  20,000 monthly page views over a 12 month period with absolutely No Budget, No advertising and No trickery, It was hard work, long hours and all the followers and growth was 100% natural..  We used only white hat techniques but the growth was mainly through posting great content and fan engagement.  You ask anyone in the online marketing industry, and they will tell you this was not an easy task. So with that experience, we launched 247 Social, so we can now help other small business owners to grow their online presence and brand.

Based in Nottingham UK 247 Social is the trading name of the Good Egg Group Ltd, we are a consultancy business and mainly focus on business management, business growth and more recently online marketing and branding. We have been in the online space now since 2008 and have a vast knowledge of the ever-changing market, these include SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising and Website development.